sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

RB apresenta... poema

RB apresenta...

Um poema escrito por um amigo meu. Está em inglês (tradução em breve).

Lost in these chains of pain.
I crawl to escape my fate.
I try to breath once more
Just to remember it’s taste.

Chains’ spikes are craved in my heart.
They’re spitting poison drops,
Just trying to put me apart,
Where sorrow and hate nightmares come adore me.

Your actions are fading me.
But no more then your whispers…
I cried for the blindness you caused me.
For the shadow you’ve transformed me.

But in this moment I’m not a prisoner anymore.
Just closed the eyes… the world has fallen.
Only I exist, only desired emotions lives.
I’ve married to freedom again!

By: Fábio Gonçalves

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